Friday, 1 June 2012

Brief update

This is just a really quick update before I head for bed. Since March, I have:

visited my sister
had my permanent (hopefully!) teeth attached to my implant rods
been down to Bath to fill in forms for Norland and see my house for next year
had immunisations done for Norland
been for many walks
visited the wife in Newcastle
been down to Malvern and visited a flower show there
spent time with BM who is pregnant (she will be 16 weeks next Wednesday) and seen her scan photos
joined a gym
knitted 1 1/2 socks
done a lot of cooking - mainly suppers
read a surprising amount of new books for me.

Hopefully I will expand on various of these and fill in the past few months of absence fairly steadily. But for now - a bit of reading, then bed!
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