Thursday, 18 July 2013

Jam! Jam that I made! And a brief explanation of my next post...

Look! I made jam!

Yes! I made both strawberry, and raspberry jam! Not just these 2 jars, but not many more, as I made small batches - we only have small saucepans, and fruit is expensive. But I did it! All by myself! It's the first time I've made jam on my own - I've helped my mum with it before, but doing it myself felt like a great big grown up step.

I promise, tomorrow I will tell you the fish story, in all its glory. I'm still a little too traumatised to tell it yet. Plus, I need to go and get some photos to make it more interesting to read. Okay, so not photos of the main subject. But still, something to break the writing up. We all know it makes reading easier!

I'm pondering more exciting flavours of jam to make over summer. Have you ever made jam? What flavour jam would you like to see?

Love love xx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

2 month disappearing act, Summer, Newport and Swansea complete with pictures of an air show and a baby buried in sand - but only up to his waist, plans for the day

Hey. I know, I've been missing for 2 months. I'm sorry. Life got stressful, and I got frustrated at my inability to both take pictures, and to get blogger to upload them. But then I bought a camera last week, so hopefully all frustration is gone! And don't worry, parents, it was a very cheap camera, and I spent some of my babysitting money to buy it, so I'm not frittering your money away!

I've finished Nanny College for the Summer - yay! I officially have 2 months before I start back! 2 months all to myself... except for the childminding and babysitting I'm doing; but I love doing it, so it isn't really work.

I spent the weekend in Newport, visiting a friend with her baby, her brother and his missus. I was only initially meant to be going for the Friday afternoon and evening, but it turned into the weekend, and I loved it. My friend, Mandibles, and I took her little one swimming on the Saturday - Bilbo loves the water, and even goes underwater without being fazed. He's almost 8 months, and is pretty unfazed by most things! And on Sunday we all went to Swansea beach and saw the Annual Air Show, including the Red Arrows. It was seriously impressive, and I would recommend anyone to go and see one of their shows:

 One of their close formations - they have enough for 5 minutes of white steam, and 1 minute each of blue and red. They used it really effectively!

They did a load of passes close to each other like this - in this one they filtered through each other.

I think they called this a gyppo? Not sure of spelling, and I don't know why it had that name.

They drew a heart in the sky!

And here you can see just how close they got - I think they said they fly within 5 and 8 feet  of each other - terrifying, but so impressive!

 Me (to mandible's brother): What if we buried Bilbo in the sand-
Brother: You can't do that! Bury him? What kind of nanny are you?
Me: Up to his waist! What if we buried Bilbo up to his waist in the sand and left him like that for Mandibles to find?

The result = sand in the nappy! Mandibles wasn't bothered, and neither was Bilbo judging by the smiles on his face! It was his first time on a beach, so very interesting for him.

So I got back Sunday evening, and yesterday woke up with eyeballs which ached when I moved them. Mammafairy says I probably have another virus. Boo. I've had endless amounts of them this term, barely recovering from one before I catch another. I'm starting to wonder if my immune system has gone on holiday without me. But I'm okay, it doesn't leave me feeling seriously deathly, it's more just an annoyance.

I have a cat to feed, plants to water, washing to put out, 2 fish to check on, and babysitting to go to this afternoon. So I'm going to stop now. But next time I will tell you the slightly traumatising story of the dead fish. It's okay though, it has a moral at the end. Sort of.

Love love xx

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