Tuesday, 31 May 2011


So much to talk about! I had an amazing prom, with a beautiful dress and a lovely bag and a stunning shawl to match. I have pictures, I will put them up later tonight. Downside: the bag and shawl got stolen. So a bit of a downer on the night, but still: I confess to considering myself to be a bit of a looker in that beautiful dress!

Also, finished my pinafore. It's a little childlike, but I kind of like it, especially with a short top underneath and one strap off the shoulder. Choosing and applying all the snaps was much fun!

Also not to be ignored: the amount of tidying I've done in the past couple of days. My room is tidy, and so are all the drawers in it, and I've still found time to do knitting and sewing! And I loaded the dishwasher and put it on today! Be proud of me!

Still knitting the teal cardigan, pictures of that on later too. I had to start the right front again because I made a booboo reading the pattern and in trying to go back to the booboo found that I'd twisted stitches and that it would be glaringly obvious. So it all got pulled apart and begun again.

And of course, cloth pads. So many of them on the go, mostly as presents for other people. I'm hoping to make my own design of pad so that I can commercially produce them: at the moment I'm using a wonderful design template by Luna Wolf, which is beautiful and functionally sound, but I'd like to really make them my own and try creating a few patterns for them myself. If all goes successfully, who knows?!

So yeah. Pictures later, a little more conversation later. Until then - !

Love love

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Prom dress

So today is a busy day for my prom dress. I ahve the material, I have all my pattern pieces drawn out, all I need to do is pin the one to the other and cut. Very thrilling! I might well play a little more with this green material I have for a pinafore, too, since it's been waiting for a long time for me to get on with it a little further. I ahve the circular skirt cut out and overlocked, it just needs to advance a little more...

On the other hand, I could go upstairs and play with my hair, experimenting for prom... but no, I can do that almost any time. Sewing it is. But seriously, give me anything to do to take my mind of that spanish AS exam I have on Monday which I totally forgot about...

Love love!


Tuesday, 10 May 2011


So- I'm pretty well today, feeling a little lazy and lethargic, but happy in general. I had a lie-in today, my first in about three weeks. Going to bed early really does seem to make me want to get up! I've eaten some lovely food today; it's all I seem to have done, really! I had a slice of coconut toast, as well as my favourite cereal of the moment, fruit and fibre type stuff with banana chips and coconut and apple in! And now, I would like to tell you about what sewing projects I'm busy with at the moment!

So, first things first. I'm an avid supporter of cloth pads. I truly believe they are just so much better in all ways. I've been using only cloth pads for about a year and a half now, no disposables going next to my body, and it feels wonderful. I do have a mooncup too, which I like, but I struggle with it, having a dancer's core muscles, I can only manage with it sometimes. I tend to make more effort when I'm on holiday, because I love swimming, and my body always arranges its clock as carefully as possible to ensure maximum disruption! But I don't mind. Having clot pads and a mooncup allows me to appreciate what my body's doing, as well as laughing at it when it tries to create problems for me! My friends are always shocked when I say I look forward to my periods, but I really do! The thought of using my pretty pads excites me so much! They really are lovely. So- back to how this relates to my sewing. I have, in my possession, all the components required for making these myself, and I have been making my own for about a year and a half- the same amount of time as I have been using these alone, since that's when I found I had enough to manage without having to resort to a couple of disposables while my cloth ones were in the wash! So, because I spent a couple of weeks house sitting with a friend and had no access to a sewing machine, I have lots and lots of the bits and bobs for cloth pads cut out and ready and waiting to be stitched up together. I'm very excited about this! I don't want to wait really, but unfortunately there are many more pressing matters at the moment.

I've just bought the materials I want for my prom dress. I've had the pattern I want to use for a while, and now I have the materials too, I can't wait to get going! It should be really pretty, it's a dark blue and white combination in block colours so it should be quite striking. I intend to post pictures of it as it goes on so you can see how it progresses. I have just under three weeks to make it up in, so it'll be fast-paced and exciting (hopefully)!

At the same time as I bought the materials for my prom dress I also saw some really nice materials for a summer dress, so I bought those at the same time! I'd like to make that bit up too, but I'll see how things go once my prom dress is done.

And, the other thing to mention, is something that's been going for a while. My grandparents, being as wonderful as they are, bought me some gorgeous green material for Christmas, and I've started making a pinafore out of it. But it's been static for a while now, I know what I want to do but I haven't done it. The skirt's been cut out nice and easy, ti being circular, but I've got no further yet. It needs getting on with, and I will do it, just... not yet.

So those are my sewing projects so far. I know this is a boring post, but if I can catch everything up then I can get on with being interesting later, right? So next time hopefully I'll have something along more amusing or interesting lines to say.

Love love!


Sunday, 1 May 2011

First post

Hello! So- welcome to my blog, new and shiny-looking, and I'm very excited. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm hippyternative, I have a tendency to get over-excited about most things, I would call it passion slash enthusiasm but I believe it can be overwhelming for people. I like the idea of vegetarianism because meat smells funny, although while I live under my parents' roof I eat what I'm given. I also believe in such slightly wacky concepts as cleansing your face with oil, moisturising your hair with coconut oil and making your own deodorant. I love making my own clothes which almost invariably start with an idea that's about three month's ahead of the general population. I also enjoy knitting, I would love to get back into crochet, I bake and enjoy it and I love learning new languages. I truly believe there's something beautiful about being able to speak with people in a different language than the one with which you're brought up. I am currently in my last couple of months at college, studying English literature, Spanish and philosophy - all of which seem to manage to contribute towards my huge amount of beliefs and principles which I enjoy discussing with friends. So yeah, a slice of me and you can see that there are many complex flavours, a few of which you may choke on a little, and I would not blame you in the slightest for that - you accept all of a person for who they are, and I would be surprised if anyone didn't find at least one thing about me which they didn't like. Okay, so this post is a little random, and I'm sorry. If I'd hoped to blind you with my brilliant prose writing skills, it would now have to wait until my next post. But maybe this one will help you to see what kind of a person I am. And who knows? Maybe it'll amuse you a little. In my next post I hope to tell you a little about each of the projects on which I'm working, also a little about why I just wrote that in such an awkward way- studying Spanish does make my writing a little weird sometimes! But that will all wait until my next post, since I'm no leaving you to go and do some dreaded English coursework. so long for now!

Love love

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