Tuesday, 31 May 2011


So much to talk about! I had an amazing prom, with a beautiful dress and a lovely bag and a stunning shawl to match. I have pictures, I will put them up later tonight. Downside: the bag and shawl got stolen. So a bit of a downer on the night, but still: I confess to considering myself to be a bit of a looker in that beautiful dress!

Also, finished my pinafore. It's a little childlike, but I kind of like it, especially with a short top underneath and one strap off the shoulder. Choosing and applying all the snaps was much fun!

Also not to be ignored: the amount of tidying I've done in the past couple of days. My room is tidy, and so are all the drawers in it, and I've still found time to do knitting and sewing! And I loaded the dishwasher and put it on today! Be proud of me!

Still knitting the teal cardigan, pictures of that on later too. I had to start the right front again because I made a booboo reading the pattern and in trying to go back to the booboo found that I'd twisted stitches and that it would be glaringly obvious. So it all got pulled apart and begun again.

And of course, cloth pads. So many of them on the go, mostly as presents for other people. I'm hoping to make my own design of pad so that I can commercially produce them: at the moment I'm using a wonderful design template by Luna Wolf, which is beautiful and functionally sound, but I'd like to really make them my own and try creating a few patterns for them myself. If all goes successfully, who knows?!

So yeah. Pictures later, a little more conversation later. Until then - !

Love love

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