Tuesday, 10 May 2011


So- I'm pretty well today, feeling a little lazy and lethargic, but happy in general. I had a lie-in today, my first in about three weeks. Going to bed early really does seem to make me want to get up! I've eaten some lovely food today; it's all I seem to have done, really! I had a slice of coconut toast, as well as my favourite cereal of the moment, fruit and fibre type stuff with banana chips and coconut and apple in! And now, I would like to tell you about what sewing projects I'm busy with at the moment!

So, first things first. I'm an avid supporter of cloth pads. I truly believe they are just so much better in all ways. I've been using only cloth pads for about a year and a half now, no disposables going next to my body, and it feels wonderful. I do have a mooncup too, which I like, but I struggle with it, having a dancer's core muscles, I can only manage with it sometimes. I tend to make more effort when I'm on holiday, because I love swimming, and my body always arranges its clock as carefully as possible to ensure maximum disruption! But I don't mind. Having clot pads and a mooncup allows me to appreciate what my body's doing, as well as laughing at it when it tries to create problems for me! My friends are always shocked when I say I look forward to my periods, but I really do! The thought of using my pretty pads excites me so much! They really are lovely. So- back to how this relates to my sewing. I have, in my possession, all the components required for making these myself, and I have been making my own for about a year and a half- the same amount of time as I have been using these alone, since that's when I found I had enough to manage without having to resort to a couple of disposables while my cloth ones were in the wash! So, because I spent a couple of weeks house sitting with a friend and had no access to a sewing machine, I have lots and lots of the bits and bobs for cloth pads cut out and ready and waiting to be stitched up together. I'm very excited about this! I don't want to wait really, but unfortunately there are many more pressing matters at the moment.

I've just bought the materials I want for my prom dress. I've had the pattern I want to use for a while, and now I have the materials too, I can't wait to get going! It should be really pretty, it's a dark blue and white combination in block colours so it should be quite striking. I intend to post pictures of it as it goes on so you can see how it progresses. I have just under three weeks to make it up in, so it'll be fast-paced and exciting (hopefully)!

At the same time as I bought the materials for my prom dress I also saw some really nice materials for a summer dress, so I bought those at the same time! I'd like to make that bit up too, but I'll see how things go once my prom dress is done.

And, the other thing to mention, is something that's been going for a while. My grandparents, being as wonderful as they are, bought me some gorgeous green material for Christmas, and I've started making a pinafore out of it. But it's been static for a while now, I know what I want to do but I haven't done it. The skirt's been cut out nice and easy, ti being circular, but I've got no further yet. It needs getting on with, and I will do it, just... not yet.

So those are my sewing projects so far. I know this is a boring post, but if I can catch everything up then I can get on with being interesting later, right? So next time hopefully I'll have something along more amusing or interesting lines to say.

Love love!


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