Sunday, 1 May 2011

First post

Hello! So- welcome to my blog, new and shiny-looking, and I'm very excited. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm hippyternative, I have a tendency to get over-excited about most things, I would call it passion slash enthusiasm but I believe it can be overwhelming for people. I like the idea of vegetarianism because meat smells funny, although while I live under my parents' roof I eat what I'm given. I also believe in such slightly wacky concepts as cleansing your face with oil, moisturising your hair with coconut oil and making your own deodorant. I love making my own clothes which almost invariably start with an idea that's about three month's ahead of the general population. I also enjoy knitting, I would love to get back into crochet, I bake and enjoy it and I love learning new languages. I truly believe there's something beautiful about being able to speak with people in a different language than the one with which you're brought up. I am currently in my last couple of months at college, studying English literature, Spanish and philosophy - all of which seem to manage to contribute towards my huge amount of beliefs and principles which I enjoy discussing with friends. So yeah, a slice of me and you can see that there are many complex flavours, a few of which you may choke on a little, and I would not blame you in the slightest for that - you accept all of a person for who they are, and I would be surprised if anyone didn't find at least one thing about me which they didn't like. Okay, so this post is a little random, and I'm sorry. If I'd hoped to blind you with my brilliant prose writing skills, it would now have to wait until my next post. But maybe this one will help you to see what kind of a person I am. And who knows? Maybe it'll amuse you a little. In my next post I hope to tell you a little about each of the projects on which I'm working, also a little about why I just wrote that in such an awkward way- studying Spanish does make my writing a little weird sometimes! But that will all wait until my next post, since I'm no leaving you to go and do some dreaded English coursework. so long for now!

Love love


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