Friday, 3 June 2011

Holiday weather, shorter, busier, munchables

Don't you just love it when you wake up really early in the morning and it's already blue skies? I love days like that; to me it feels just like being on holiday.That is one of my favourite things to do on holiday - I love getting up early and seeing a crisp, fresh blue sky that promises glorious weather, and either going for an icy dip (very refreshing) or going out to buy fresh bread for breakfast. yeah, I guess we probably eat way too much bread while we're on holiday, simply because having a local traditional-style bakery nearby is so much fun to visit! But then I suppose we eat too much ice cream, too, since I personally always insist on finding a traditional gelateria wherever we are, and having at least one classic-type cone.

So, yeah. In keeping with the weather I've had the crazy mane of hair cut off. It's much shorter. Before, it was at my waist, thick and all really long. What you have to understand is that due to the Jewish side of my family, I have very curly hair. And when my hair was super long, it would dry into sausage curls, which isn't the nicest look really. Now? It's bouncing off my shoulders, in lots of little curls all over the place, and I've gotta say, I think it's kinda cute! I do like it, and combined with the fact that I recently dyed it darker too, I'm liking my hair right now, it's sitting well with me.

What isn't sitting so well with me is the amount of work I have to do right now. With only three A2 exams I'm sure a lot of people think I've got it easy. But when two of those are philosophy, I promise you: it's not!! I have megaloads of revision to do for that if I want to aim for a B, but I'm also aiming for an A in spanish, so I actually need to do some work for that, too. Add to that all the housework which I want to crack on with as soon as my dad has left for Scotland and I'm alone in the house for the weekend; as well as this exam I have in work for a training plan, and you've got yourself a slightly stressed out doozie of a girl. I'm just not sure what to prioritise. Housework is an immediate necessity. My work exam has a deadline of 14th. My exams determine the rest of my life. Help! And of course all this leaves me feeling like I can't justify doing the sewing and knitting that I want to do, and that means that they're just sat gathering dust whilst I while away time worrying about which bit to tackle first on the list of scary must-do's.

Aside from that, at least I'm eating well at the moment. It's another reason I love this weather; the food that comes with it. Summer weather like this is designed for salads, and fresh fruit, and fruit smoothies, and all manner of light, fresh, healthy food like that. Don't get me wrong, I do love winter food as well... it just seems to be so much easier to eat unhealthily in winter, to only eat stodge and to eat too much of it too. Summer is a beautiful season for healthy food to me. Last night we had salad potatoes and salad, and it was a lovely meal. Tonight I'm thinking brown pasta and salad, and I might look out some fish from the freezer to add to it, or maybe just canned tuna. I've been trying to eat veggie a lot recently, particularly because I feel like meat is being shoved down my throat at the moment. I, personally, would choose to be veggie 5 out of 7 days a week at least. My dad would choose to be veggie 1 meal a week, if that. His meal ideas start with, 'what meat are we having?' Mine start with, 'What kind of food do I fancy?' I'm more likely to start with the thought 'stir fry' or 'lasagne'. Dad starts with 'dead animal part'. Blargh. Not my kinda food, I'm afraid.

So yeah, I'm up, the sun is up, I'm gonna go make something of my day!

Oh yeah, ps. here are some pretty pictures relating to life recently!

The new hair length - cheack out how it sits on my shoudlers when straight, rather than sitting at my waist!

And the prom dress in all its glory!

I told you I'd get pictures!

Love love!


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  1. Yes, when I think meat I don't think of food. Sometimes I think, goodness, it's so weird that some people (most people) cook and eat animal corpses.

    Do you have any before pictures of your hair? It'd be interesting to see the comparison.


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