Tuesday, 7 June 2011

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This feels like a very food-orientated post today. Food is dominating my life a little at the moment, I confess. Difficulties eating anything that requires biting into means that I spend a lot of time craving foods that I can't have, or wondering if I can have a certain food. For example: biscuits. I can't bite into them anymore, so I've stopped having them, because nothing takes the fun out of meaningless calories like having to work for them. Also: chewing gum. Now I don't eat chewie all that much. But I like a bit, now and then, when a friend offers. Except that now I have to take my teeth out so it doesn't gum up the clips on the denture or get underneath it. And that makes it something I can't enjoy in public. And so I can't eat it as soon as a friend offers, so why take it from them at all?

So I've been thinking a lot and wondering what foods I can eat. Of course, smoothies are now a staple part of my diet, being absolutely easy peasy to slurp down. And in my quest t try and be interesting and get more than one flavour of smoothie, I rediscovered a book I was given years ago, I think by my grandparents: The Little Black Book of Smoothies. And in this awesome little book, are about 100 recipes for different smoothies, as well as a general ingredients you can add section at the front, which can help if you don't have the specific ingredients for a smoothie. Not all the ingredients mentioned int he front are used in any of the recipes, but it's packed with information. One of the really intriguing things it mentions is about freezing fruit and fruit juices etc. So to this end I have been preparing and freezing all sorts of fruit, like bananas and apples and melons and the like; and I've been freezing juices like apple juice in ice cube bags. And I've got to say, it works! Maybe if I make a smoothie later I'll photograph it. But freezing the banana does produce a smoother smoothie. Interesting tip, huh?

So I've been on a bit of a freezing spree. Having defrosted and turned raspberries into jam and now removed some frozen redcurrants from the freezer too, I've been filling it with other things, namely fruit, but also homemade coleslaw. I'd give a recipe for this, but there really isn't one. It's just cabbage and apple and carrot all grated down and mixed with raisins and mayonnaise. I haven't added the mayonnaise to the frozen stuff, I figure that can go in when I choose to defrost and eat the stuff. But it is very eatable! It's shocking how nice it is with raisins in, they really shouldn't go but they do!

So yeah, back to a point I made about taking redcurrants out of the freezer - I'm hoping, well planning, to turn it into redcurrant jelly over the next coupla days. Another thing I haven't tried yet, but I'm very excited about it, especially after the success of the raspberry jam; which is very yummy, I might add.

My last thought for the day is of the cardigan I've been knitting since last October. I'm a slow knitter, I know... But this has been an epic adventure, as I've restarted it entirely on a new needle size once, and put it down and picked it up so many times, and restarted one piece of it because I mis-read the instructions, and stopped and started until it seemed like the knitting would never finish; and whilst I enjoy knitting, the thought of knitting something eternally and never getting the sense of achievement from knowing that you made that finished garment is incredibly disheartening. But: I finished the knitting part today! Pictures of the three parts will go up later, promise. So now all that's left is to block it and sew it together. But that will have to wait, because right now I have work. So until later-!

Love love xx

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