Monday, 6 June 2011

Sister, glasses, jam, philosophy, hair

My sister's come down for a visit! It's quite exciting; I feel a little like a dog, eager to please. Not in behaviour, just in that my emotions kinda feel like that. It's lovely to have her, I've missed her, although I didn't know it until she walked in the front door. She's been incredibly busy doing lots of knitting and crocheting and spinning, and it was really exciting to see all her projects, both finished and part-way through.

We've also been to work and found her some new glasses, and some new sunglasses, both of which are rather lovely if I do say so. Her glasses are really beautiful, two shades of purple and really pretty; and the sunglasses are black and white, really elegant. Having reread what I just put, it sounds like a test in my vocabulary! But yeah, so we've been to see my mum at work and found my sister some new glasses. I really enjoy going and looking at all the new frames, it's like window shopping for a new kind of clothing. I do get attached to lots of frames, though, they're all just so nice.

I'm rather proud of myself right now, because I made jam! It was just simple raspberry jam, and my mum helped me a lot, but still! My very first batch of jam!! I feel rather chuffed with myself. I sent a pot home with my friend, H, and she reported back to day that she loved it, which is incredibly pleasing to me. I haven't actually tried it myself yet, as such, so it is perhaps risky to give any away, but I trust H, she's fairly reliable on these things. And I have to give her something to look forward to, she's doing so much revision at the moment. It puts me to shame!

My revision hasn't really been happening too much recently. I've done some, don't get me wrong. But it's minimal. I'm avoiding it at all costs, t the extent that I've cleaned my room, I've cleaned the main bathroom, and I've begun sorting out all my drawers too. It's just philosophy. I know I don't have it down for the exam, and so I really need to revise as much as possible. But somehow, the knowledge that I don't know it all puts me off revising even more! I am lucky, because I only have three exams in two subjects. One of my subjects, English, is over completely. We did the exam in January and the coursework in Summer, and since I've done the coursework an got it over with, I'm sorted! It's brilliant. And I'm not majorly concerned with the Spanish exam, although I know revision is necessary. It's just philosophy. It's like a wall in front of me at the moment.

I'm enjoying the lack of hair at the moment. It's really nice being able to shake my head and have my hair actually move! I wish I'd got some pictures of my hair pre-cut, but it's not so major. It was rather long, the longest it's ever been for me. I have this picture, but you can't really see the full length of it:
See, you can't really tell how long it, since this only shows it to my shoulder. But anyone who saw it would testify: it was loong!

So yeah, I'm gonna go help make supper, maybe do some philosophy revision this evening, and try to get an early night, because my sleep's been a little whack recently. So-!

Love love xx

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