Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Phh, phone, frozen fruit juice, philosophy

Today seems to be a day of making 'F' sounds, that phhh sound of pushing air through your mouth whilst having your top teeth on your bottom lip. I realised this when I looked at my title of today's post and realised that everything in it started with this infernal sound. And there it is again. It is one of the main sounds that I cannot make anymore without putting my teeth in and is the reason why i won't speak to anyone, even - especially - on the phone without my teeth in. They simply can't understand me when I speak, and it's infuriating for both sides. There it is again! It really does seem to be a vital sound for today. I'ts really frustrating to me that I can't make it without my teeth in, because it makes me mumble, and I feel stupid and awkward when people have to keep asking me to repeat myself. But -! That is not the point of today's post really. I don't have too much to say, just a few little points of interest.

Firstly, my new phone seems to be sorted finally! I think it's working, although I'm not certain yet. But it does appear to be, and everything's happy as right now. Being on a simplicity sim on O2 is particularly pleasing, as every time I text somebody it sends me a little note of my balance, and because I get free texts, the balance never changes! It's brilliant! It's nice to be in contact with my friends again; being without a phone is quite isolating. And I know, people survived without them for a long, long time before they were invented. But still, I'm used to being really close to my friends and speaking with them everyday, and not having a phone made that impossible. I was texting H earlier, and it was lovely to be able to hold a conversation over texts with her wihtout having to call her and occupy her attention fully.

Of course, I was trying to text H whilst doing something else myself, too. An this something else happened to be freezing fruit juice. I enjoy doing it, as there's no pressure to finish it before it goes off, I have plenty in supply even though some fruit uices we may only get 'on occasion' and I can freeze it in ice cube bags which gives me really convenient sized amounts of fruit juices! But: trying to balance an ice cube bag and text with the other wihtout letting any juice spill out is not the easiest thing in the world. Note to self: do not text whilst freezing fruit juice. So that gives me apple juice, mango juice, tropical juice and soy milk to use in smoothies at my leisure. That is an incredibly satisfying feeling! I'm not sure if I have any frozen banana at the moment though... I know I have melon, i think I have apple, I know I have frozen coleslaw-mix veggies... but I cannot for the life of me remember whether I have frozen banana anymore. It gets used so quickly, after all. And we don't have any fresh ones currently. I feel a need for banana.

But i think that need shall have to wait. I, unfortunately, have philosophy revision to do. Again. My life sucks right now. I will be so happy in eight days' time when all my exams are OVER!! But until then... revision.

Love love xx

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