Friday, 17 June 2011

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I always find it frightfully disappointing when I wake up early and I see bright sunshine and blue skies, yet a few hours later it's overcast and miserable out. Anything to say weather? What, no apologies for getting me in the mood for holiday weather then letting me down? Nothing? Hrrumph.

I have a small confession. Whilst my sister was down visiting, she got my dad to buy her some lady grey teabags, which she didn't take back up with her. Since then I've had a coupla sneaky cups of it - and I must say it's becoming every so slightly addictive. It's like normal tea but a little citrussy. Sometimes I think it takes like I'm drinking normal tea, but at the same time I'm drinking liquid lemon sherbet; and those two things really shouldn't go together but they really do! I love it, I really do.

That's not all I've been drinking recently though. I made myself this yummy smoothie to drink today:

I know it looks like milk, but it isn't at all! It's actually apple and melon smoothie, and it's majorly yummy! I would have chucked a banana in there too except that we didn't have any, frozen or fresh. There is also greek yoghurt and soy milk in there which go really well.It's delish!

I told my parents I want to be vegetarian again. I was for about a year back in high school, but then my sister left for uni and it seemed too much like hard work to cook different food for just one person. But after a week of eating veggie when my sister was down, I found that I didn't feel meat was necessary in my diet and I was just as happy to continue without it, thanks. So that's what I've done. We had chicken tikka masala last night, or rather, my parents had chicken tikka masala and i had it without the chicken. Since I was cooking, I just cooked the chicken separately and let the parents add their own. It wasn't even difficult. And the vegetable mix was really yumy with masala sauce. Mmmn. Now I'm hungry, I may have to go and grab a snack.

Once I've grabbed my snack I'm gonna leave you anyway, because I have more philosophy revision to do again. This is how it's gonna be for the next few days. Until my exams are over, I'll be spending my time revising. Except for some time over the weekend when I'll help mum with fruit picking at the farm just down the road. But otherwise, yeah, philosophy is a go! And I'm gonna go philosophise!

Love love xx

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