Thursday, 18 July 2013

Jam! Jam that I made! And a brief explanation of my next post...

Look! I made jam!

Yes! I made both strawberry, and raspberry jam! Not just these 2 jars, but not many more, as I made small batches - we only have small saucepans, and fruit is expensive. But I did it! All by myself! It's the first time I've made jam on my own - I've helped my mum with it before, but doing it myself felt like a great big grown up step.

I promise, tomorrow I will tell you the fish story, in all its glory. I'm still a little too traumatised to tell it yet. Plus, I need to go and get some photos to make it more interesting to read. Okay, so not photos of the main subject. But still, something to break the writing up. We all know it makes reading easier!

I'm pondering more exciting flavours of jam to make over summer. Have you ever made jam? What flavour jam would you like to see?

Love love xx


  1. I once made plum jam with honey and cinnamon. It was so good. I eked out that jam until there was nothing left, and then I was sad because I had eaten all of my delicious jam.

  2. I just had the best idea. Get figs. Make savoury fig jam. Use it in place of tomato sauce on a fig and goats cheese pizza. Om nom nom.

  3. I tried making strawberry jam once. What I actually made was strawberry syrup. Something didn't set quite right. Delicious on pancakes, but not quite jam.

    Congrats on your jammy success!

  4. Fig jam sounds like an idea! And I remember my mum making batches of runny strawberry jam! It went well in natural yoghurt as I recall...!


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