Monday, 7 January 2013

Back in bath, Church, Belated Christmas Present, Mini Mug Rugs?, A Lovely Year of Finishes

I'm back! I'm back in Bath, and tired with it. I arrived back late last night, having spent all day travelling. I managed to get plenty of reading done, though - I'm really enjoying The Shack Revisited, but it's hard to take in everything it's saying. I know it'll need re-reading a few times! But then, I found The Shack the same. Every time I read it I glean new meaning or understanding from it.

I went to Church this morning. I've missed it - it's been so long since I went. During the singing I felt sort of detached, and distant; but the sermon was really entertaining and full of messages. It was about John 15 - 'I am the true vine' and so on. I laughed a lot through it, but I felt like there were some really good messages.

I got to unwrap a lovely Christmas present from my parents today. I know, I know - awfully late for a Christmas present, but my mum brought it down for me before Christmas, so I couldn't open it until I got back, and I was too tired last night! It's a printer!! I'm especially glad, as it means now that I can do printing onto fabric whilst I'm here. Unfortunately the power cable that was meant to come with it - didn't. So I can't use it until my dad sends one down to me. But never mind!

So - you remember these mug rugs I made?

I have them with me in Bath, and I love them - they're so pretty and colourful! well, our landlady got us a new table for the kitchen, which is wood. It has a lovely feel to the wood and looks beautiful. But I have this aversion to putting any crockery straight down on it, as I worry that it will ruin the finish to it. So I've been using the mug rugs as placemats, and they work very well. They're just the right size for a bowl or plate. However, I have drinks with my meals. I've been using a second of these for my cup, but it seems oversized for just that. They're great for a mug and a snack, but just a mug? So I want to make a few coasters in the same style.

And one more thing: I joined a flickr group called A Lovely Year of Finishes. This means that I am aiming to complete at least one project per month for the next year. Well, since my other quilty projects that are unfinished are currently at my parents' house, I thought a collection of quilted coasters would be just the ticket! The challenge, of course, is that I don't have a sewing machine, which means I need to find time to use the one at 4DU - and when it's convenient for them! So that's my goal for January!

A Lovely Year of Finishes

 Right - I'm off to bed. I have my first day back at College tomorrow, and a lot to do!

Love love xx

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