Friday, 25 January 2013

Getting to know me for the Crappy Day present Exchange

I will update with what I've been up to recently soon, but for now I'm doing a 'get-to-know-you' post, because I'm participating in the Crappy Day Present Exchange! So here's some information about me:

  • I'm vegetarian. I love all food, literally - there is not a single type of food that I don't like. But I'm vegetarian, so I don't eat meat. I do eat fish, though. And I prefer chocolate to sweets.
  • I love elephants. I don't know why, I just think they're really cool!
  • I have a cat - or at least my mum does. I adore my cat. She's very cuddly, and very warm. And very furry. She moults all the time!
  • I love bright colours - cheerful colours. I#m particularly fond of purple and teal, although I love orange too.
  • I like watching rom-coms, or Disney movies!
  • I spend my free time knitting, sewing, baking, writing letters and reading. I especially like sewing and baking. For my birthday, I asked my parents to get me baking equipment, as there were none provided in the student house I'm living in. They did brilliantly and got me most of the things I would want/need. I don't have measuring spoons, measuring cups or a rolling pin.
  • I'm currently a student at Nanny College. I spend one week in college, studying; and the next week working in a placement with children. At the moment I'm working with children aged between 2 and 4. I also do babysitting in the evenings and at weekends. One of my normal jobs is with twins aged about 14 months. I love working with children; they make me unbelievably happy. When I'm in college, I have some lectures and some practical lessons - cooking, sewing, practical skills and personal development.
  • I'm Christian. I love going to church on Sundays - the church I go to is really fun, and I find the services really interesting. I also go to a student night on Wednesdays at church, where we have a meal and fun chats!
  • I'm a very tidy person. I hate mess! My stuff is all organised into boxes, box files etc.
  • I don't drink much alcohol. I like to go out and dance, but I'm just as happy at home with a brew and friends to laugh with.
  • I love to laugh!
  • I don't generally bother to straighten my hair, wear makeup or do things like that. I like to for a night out, but I'm too lazy to do it normally. I prioritise other things instead.
  • I'm very serious about dental hygiene - three of my top front teeth are false, and after all the surgery I've had for them, I don't want to risk compromising them by not brushing properly and regularly!
  • I have no seasonal preference - I love how warm summer is, but I love cuddling up under a duvet in winter!
  • I prefer showers to baths usually, although I like a bath as a way to relax on occasion.
  • I have my driver's licence, but no car. I catch the bus everywhere at the moment, but I love going for walks.
  • I love musicals. Last summer I saw Les Mis on stage with the wife. The year before we saw Wicked. Both were amazing - as was the film of Les Mis!
  • Beth isn't actually my first name. My first name is Margaret. But I go by my middle name, Elizabeth shortened to Beth.
  • My favourite ice cream flavour is Ben and Jerry's half-baked.
  • I like colouring in. It's really fun, even as an adult! Adults don't get enough time to do pointless things like colouring in, and it's a shame!
  • I can't play any musical instruments, but I wish I could play piano and guitar.
So hopefully there are things here that you didn't know about me before that you know now!

Love love xx

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