Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blogger's sulking at me, so no pretty pictures of Gardening or Knitting, Plans this Evening

So I spent ages the other week trying to publish a post about the gardening I got up to with mamma, but for some reason blogger kept refusing to publish the post with its pictures, it kept coming up as an error. so now I've given up, and will simply tell you that the pots mamma and I planted up were very pretty. I think she possibly has a couple of photos on her blog if you want to see - find her at Mammafairy Sews.Whilst I was at the parents', I also made a block for QATWII; I made Anita's neighbourhood block. I was running out of time, though, so I made the basic block with the ideas sketched out that I wanted, put together all that I could and signed it - and mamma finished it off with a few extra details. I asked her to, as I did what I could in the time, but I could tell that it didn't feel finished. Again, I would show you a picture of it, but blogger doesn't seem to want to allow me to upload any photos, so you will have to wait until some unforeseen time when it stops sulking at me!

I have also very almost finished my first baby cardigan! All that's left to do is knit on the button band and attach buttons! I'm pretty chuffed with how it has turned out, and can't wait to start another one!

I'm out this evening, to spend the night with my discipleship group from church. We're having a sleepover at one of our houses, with a film and lots of unhealthy food! Then we'll all go to church together tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to it; it should be a lot of fun. The girl whose house it is is leaving in a couple of months to move to South America for a while: how long, we don't know. But that's where she feels she's meant to be, so that's where she's going. We'll all miss her, but we're celebrating for her!

That's all for now - with a bit of luck, blogger will stop sulking at me and I'll post again soon with some photos for you to see!

Love love xx

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