Sunday, 1 July 2012


It chucked it down yesterday. It absolutely rained as hard as it could. I was in the kitchen, baking bread in my pyjamas. I looked out, then looked back at my bread dough. Then I looked out at the insane weather outside again, and made an insane decision. I pulled my wellies onto my bare feet, tucked my pyjamas into them, and headed out. straight into the rain. I ran around the side of the house, and into the back garden, among the overgrown lawn. I jumped, I danced a little, I saw that the peas were ready for picking and so I picked peas. I admired the poppy which was starting to burst a white one open. And I laughed. I laughed! Out there, my hands filled with mange tout pods, my curls all soaking and limp, my pyjamas drenched and my feet scrunched inside my wellies, I laughed. It was insane and ridiculous and stupid, but I laughed anyway because in that impulsive moment I felt deliriously happy. I was reminded that though we take things for granted, like the weather, we can find happy in the most dull and boring of happenings - like rain in England. I was reminded that the rain makes my flowers grow, that it makes a delicious sound as it hits the ground, that it is wet! And I was reminded that we can stay inside and grumble about the weather if we want to - and nine times out of ten that is exactly what I will do - but that it's far more fun to go out in it and laugh in the face of it.

I made beautiful bread. I have a finished pair of socks to show you. I have a partially finished quilt block to show you. Pictures will be up later. But for now I'm going to go and cook, or sew, or paint, or something. And I'm going to smile a little whilst I do it.

Love love xx

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